A Quick Word to our Agency Recruiter Friends…

Disclaimer: This post assumes that if you’re reading you must be a recruiter who is inquiring into working on recruiting into our team at Whereby. If you’re a job seeker, or keen to apply for roles with our team, this won’t be particularly helpful for you, and we’d suggest you over to our Careers Page or Linkedin.

Here in the Whereby team we get a lot of recruitment related inbound emails; CVs, applications, and agencies offering coffee, tea, lunch, beer, etc. We want to let you know exactly how it is you go about working with us (now, next month, or a year from now).

Do we work with Recruitment Agencies at Whereby?

Well, the short answer is: Yes.

The entire team at Whereby know that we cannot do this alone, recruiting best-in-class talent from around the world is a huge undertaking, and we oftentimes need specialist, external support. We are very happy to partner with trusted recruitment agencies to reach distant (geographically, culturally, functionally) candidates, and when we do work with trusted partners we consider their work a core part of our team’s success!

That said, it’s a big market of candidates, agencies, and positions, and in order to make sure we’re working with the right agencies, and that our candidates get the treatment they deserve, we do have a few rules of engagement.

We ask that you read this post before sending through any candidate CVs. And, please know that we may redirect you to this posting a few times if we keep getting reach-outs and cold-emails. It’s not because we don’t trust that you have read it, it’s just that we get a lot of agencies who are keen to partner with us, and the following information is really important to make sure we work well together. We apologise — in advance — if we double up.

Phone calls, meetings & cold-calling

We love hearing about exciting candidates who may be perfect for a role we have advertised, but please note that we receive a huge volume of inbound applications and it can take time to get back to everyone. That said, if you see an opening and would love to send someone through that you have already on your books, please consider the below before getting in touch:

  • We do not receive unsolicited calls from recruitment agencies. (Please drop us an email first!)
  • Our hiring managers will not take or consider unsolicited calls from recruitment agencies. (Nor can our Customer Success team.)
  • We will likely not arrange a coffee, lunch, or dinner to establish a connection. If a need arises, we may invite you to a Whereby meeting to discuss our process and way of working.
  • Our PSL is not determined by dinners. We do not trade bar-tabs for briefings.
  • Please avoid calling to ask for updates or further information. We aim to get back to all candidates (and agencies) within 3 to 5 working days, but if you haven’t heard from us please ‘bump’ us again on careers@whereby.com
  • If a member of the talent team wants to chat to you via a phone call, we’ll do everything we can to respect your time and pre-book, and our team will call you on a number you provide.

Briefing and Open Roles

If you see a role and would like to be briefed on it, but do not have terms signed with us or have not been briefed, please note that we only accept candidates via email as per below:

  • All open roles are found here
  • Briefing a role to an agency will be agreed by, and confirmed with, the Talent team, and should not generally be for a role that is not visible in the above link, although we do make exceptions.
  • We will only brief agencies exclusively unless otherwise informed.
  • We cannot, and will not, arrange a call to provide you with further information on a role you see online unless we have a very specific need to brief an external agency.
  • A technical role briefing will come from our managers, but a member of the talent team should generally be present to ensure consistency on the process, brief, and salary.

CVs and Candidates

We generally prefer CVs for open roles which you have been briefed on. That said, if you see a candidate that you think perfectly fits an opening (or speculative opening), feel free to send through as per below and we promise we will confirm ownership if they are suitable for consideration.

  • We aim to get back to all CVs with some feedback within 1 week.
  • Please send any CVs through to careers@whereby.com where the Talent Team will confirm receipt, and you as the source.
  • CVs should never be sent through to Hiring Managers. Any CV’s sent through to Hiring Managers directly have high likelihood of duplication, and will not be considered in-line with our terms, and may, therefore, result in you not being entitled to an introduction fee.
  • We do not accept anonymous or ‘redacted’ CVs, they will be immediately deleted.
  • We request all CVs to not indicate which agency is representing them. This is to limit any bias for or against agency candidates. So, please remove your branding before you send your CV, or we may ask that you do so.

Terms & Fees

If you have sent someone through our email, or have added their CV through an online job posting, and we haven’t engaged with them before, we promise we’ll get back to you directly through your recruitment agency.

We will also never show prejudice to a candidate because they’re through a recruiter. If you agree to our terms, sent though a best-in-class candidate, and they are an ideal fit for an opening, we promise that we’ll do our job ethically and hire them without hesitation, and through the correct channel.

Here is an outline of our standard terms, and please note that these Terms supersede any similar terms in individual agency’s contracts you may have sent to the team at any point.

  • You must sign standardised Whereby terms to be considered a part of our “PSL”.
  • We will not sign your terms and conditions.
  • We currently work at 15% with our trusted partners on our PSL.
  • If a candidate you introduce is already known to us we will tell you this as quickly as we can. No fee will be payable in this circumstance.
  • If the candidate leaves within 12 working weeks of their start date (for any reason, including dismissal), you may ask that you try to find a replacement free of charge, but if you are unable to find a replacement acceptable to us you will refund your fee in whole or part, depending on the exit date.

Unacceptable practices

Unfortunately, there are some recruitment agencies who have built their business model on poor-practice and unethical recruitment. We cannot support or endorse that behaviour and warn that doing any of the below will result in being automatically removed from our PSL:

  • Do not lie to us. For example, please do not phone and say you know us or have worked with us in the past if that is not explicitly true.
  • Do not send candidate’s CVs if you do not know and have not engaged with this candidate.
  • Do not send through anonymous, fake, or ‘redacted’ CVs to bait our team. We delete these emails immediately.
  • Please do not reach out directly to our hiring teams; they have very busy roles and rely on the Talent Team to help them manage complex recruitment processes effectively. If you are found to be directly ‘cold calling’ or spamming our hiring teams, your email domain will, unfortunately, need to be blocked from our server.

We look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us on careers@whereby.com



G’day. 🐨 I am a person and I like to think I am good enough to do it professionally. So that’s what I do.

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Jessica Zwaan

G’day. 🐨 I am a person and I like to think I am good enough to do it professionally. So that’s what I do.